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Shargeel (Straight A)

PAAK GRAMMAR SCHOOL has proved a landmark in my small life by providing the platform that would pave my path to the epic of my glory.The evernurturing teachers polished my coarse ends to finally convert me into the gem that could score straight A's. I entered Paak as a lost soul and after 2 years of love and affection left it after having made my destiny. Thank you Paak Grammar School
  • Ahmed (Straight A)

  • Fatima Abrar (Straight A)

  • Aman Sadiq (Straight A)

  • Hajra (Straight A)

  • Aman (Straight A)

  • Abdussalam (7 A's)

    My name is Abdussalam Shahid. I joined PGS as a student of O level, and i believe joining PGS was the best decision. Not only do teachers in PGS focus on teaching O'level course, but also they struggle hard to improve the moral and ethical behaviour of the students. They do believe that students that sports is also mandatory for an active mind, therefore they emphasise on it. I enjoyed myself at PGS. Now, i am doing ACCA from CFE.
  • Ayesha (7 A's)

  • Faraz (7 A's)

  • Rukhsana (7 A's)

  • Momin Zahid (7 A's)

    PGS has been my mentor since the past 3 years. one thing that i have learnt about PGS is that they DO what they claim. I feel that with its rigorous standards insisting on up-to-date teaching skills, PGS brings success within the reach of every student. I am now doing my A'levels. Despite being offered scholarships from the most-well known schools all over Pakistan, i chose PGS to be my mentor in this program too
  • Yumna Zahid(6 A's)